About Krista Dalton

I am, in many ways, irrevocably tied to the study of Ancient Judaism. Since that fated day in my childhood past when I opened the books of the Maccabees for the first time, I found myself on a path of insatiable curiosity amid the pillars of antiquity. I believe the study of ancient Judaism provides a nuanced interjection to the narratives of ancient historians and modern theologians alike, as well as affording a useful space for pedagogical and global dialogue within the classroom. The particularity of this belief, while an inherently limited project, is nevertheless my drive and justification for academic existence.

After spending my formative years in Salt Lake City, UT, I moved to Missouri for both my undergraduate and master’s programs. I received a B.A. in History, Biblical Studies, and Education from Evangel University before receiving a Graduate Assistantship at Missouri State University in Religious Studies. After spending a year studying talmud at the Jewish Theological Seminary, I am settled into Columbia University’s PhD in Religious Studies program, emphasizing Judaism and Christianity in Late Antiquity. Some day in the far off distant future, I will hold a slip of paper that will require my colleagues to call me “Dr. Dalton.” Until then, I exist in the perpetual world of graduate studies.